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2009-10-09 20:46:24 by Mourge-Inspector

It would seem that a request has been sent wishing me to speak more. However, I have little talk about on my own accord. So if you wish to provide the topic, I would gladly speak about such things. That or i'll answer any question you push my way as best i can for you.


2009-02-26 21:44:18 by Mourge-Inspector

Out of curiosity how many people look at my profile? It's not like I have any tallent unfortunatly.


2008-10-15 21:11:18 by Mourge-Inspector

What are the 4 Bleach movies? If you know the titles of them please respond. It would be greatly apretiated!


2008-01-11 00:44:16 by Mourge-Inspector

Well the holidays are over and school is back in. School takes a lot of energy from me. It sucks because the game i'm making is going to take a lot longer now. Ho hum...


I am bored.

2007-12-29 23:50:40 by Mourge-Inspector

Out of curiousity, arn't holidays saposed to be non boring-ish?